Our Focus and Mission

The fundamental principle of Multiplying or Investing our money is not taught in any school or university. Even the commerce education and MBA (Finance) does not equip you well with the knowledge and orientation required to make you a successful investor. Many burn their fingers, to make a quick buck. Once bitten, twice shy, they swear never to go back to the impulsive investment module again, and would be content with their hard earned money lying in low yield securities, where it grows slower than the inflation rate, with the result that they find insufficient fund in their kitty when they retire.

Creation of wealth is easier than you think. Every year thousands of people join the millionaire and the billionaire club. If you look into their background, not many of them were born with a silver spoon.  Some of them were lucky , Some won a lottery. But a large majority of them worked their way up.

Our mission is to provide financial solutions to the deserving projects, Startups, Individuals, who lack proper road map with regard to long term ‘Investment Based Fund’. We also are focused to create a breed of successful investors .

Our Approach

Transparency and honesty is the hallmark of every long term relationship. Accordingly, we deal in utmost transparent and honest manner on each front. We know what we know and we also know what we don’t know. For specific need of business, if we don’t have solution, we would be upfront in stating the fact rather than hanging around. We do not undertake an assignment until we see a clear value addition through engagement, because, we value your resources – both time and money.

Our engagement with businesses is divided over two phases as follows:

  • Phase I – Diagnosis of challenges: In this phase, we conduct current affairs diagnosis (problem definition) to understand challenges / pain points / issues business is facing. This takes couple of focused meetings with promoters and important team members in addition to study of all relevant documents – internal documents of business, website contents, financials etc. Then, our team spends hours analyzing, researching and designing possible solutions for the business. This phase ends with establishing clear Strategic Action Plan (SAP) / Blueprint for moving ahead / Possibilities ahead / Milestones for business in short, medium and long term. General time line here is a fortnight to a month, subject to availability of timely information and complexity of business.

  • Phase II – Execution : Once Strategic Action Plan is ready, we work closely with businesses to execute the plans and produce desired results. Time lines on execution vary from assignment to assignment. For example, while on fund raising, there could be a clear time line of say 4 to 6 months, in case of business transformation, assignment may run for a longer duration.